I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1984. My early experience was observing the economic and political change after the collapse of Soviet Union. Seeing my father building a business during wild capitalism in Eastern Europe in 90s was a bright part of my early live. During University years, I started my first entrepreneurial venture in Italy. Successfully sold the first company in couple years. I was always a great networker and in 2008, during the global economic crises, I was offered to join the top executive team of one of the largest European oil companies. As the result, spent 9 years acting as CEO for Baltic States region. I managed the assets in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Austria, generating $ 2 Billion revenues in retail and wholesale trading of oil products. I was well known for the entrepreneurial spirit. I started and funded many organizations worldwide, including Europe, United Arab Emirates and United States of America. Those years spent in global business venue gave me opportunities to work with great multi-cultural talent creating ways to invest into promising and exciting startups as well as initiate numerous social and charity projects internationally.

In 2017 I shifted my life moving to Los Angeles becoming a part of modern and creative California culture. I continue my education in top US Universities often sharing experiences as guest lecturer. Currently I am leading an exceptional national US team as CEO and Board Member, while working closely and serving Fortune 500 companies, including Walgreens, Colgate, 3M, L’Oréal and others as their dedicated strategic partner.