Ignas Jurkonis

Business. Lifestyle.
Culture. Art.

I create business artwork and emotion, supporting those brave enough to live their dreams.
I believe in respect, listening, learning and
understanding. I focus on inspiration and purpose.

I believe in style and authenticity … value transparency and trust … use my gift of Emotional Intelligence … enjoy travel … resist monotony and seek for dynamics … live in multiple locations worldwide … get inspiration being local in different subcultures … seek for high energetic places

I am a visionary, innovative strategic leader and entrepreneur. I have gained a variety of entrepreneurial and leadership experience in multiple industries, economies, and world regions. Business for me is a way to express my lifestyle, beliefs, experience and purpose. I enjoy global contrasts of people and cultures. It’s not about just travels, it is about ability to listen, understand and fit the organization to local environments and be competitive in global business venue.

I believe in approaching every business challenge with a creative mindset, focus on innovative solutions, responsible risk-taking, operational excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit. I align the business vision to people’s lives, workplaces, cultures, communities and target audiences. Taking a top-level view and using emotional intelligence skills to bring strong teams together is a key factor in my business success. I believe in purpose of creating additional value and making a positive impact in local communities and globally.

I am inspiring and constantly looking for inspiration. Traveling and exploring people’s art and lifestyles. I seek for knowledge and education. Love yoga and meditation. Believe in sustainability and health. I love my family and am grateful of being part of their lives.

I commit to educational, spiritual and physical development … believe in science and
its implementation in so many ways … stay healthy … meditate.